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    In 2014, my father sat me down with this little easel white board we had in our playroom and began teaching me the basics of photography—ISO, shutter speed, rule of thirds.

    For the next year, I spent my free time exploring the woods, photographing the beauty around me.

    This evolved into portraiture photography, encouraging me to pursue filmmaking in 2016 and begin a four-year film degree at California's Biola University in 2018.

    Since then, I have married my love of media with my love for logistics by pursuing a career as a film producer.




how did we end up here?

    In 2018, I moved to California to begin my film journey (as a director) at Biola University. My first year, I made a YouTube pilot and a short musical and realized how difficult it is to make high-concept projects without a producer.

    A couple years later, I served as 1st AD and producer on a friend's senior thesis. Despite the chaos of handling both roles, I fell in love with bringing others' stories to life through the management of logistics.

      Since then, I have produced a Student Academy Award semifinalist, line produced and UPM'd a dramatic western short, production coordinated a Zach King branded spot, created multiple budgets for clients, and served as an assistant COVID testing coordinator for the 2022 ESPYs.


  •    Movie Magic Budgeting & Scheduling

  •    Adobe Suite

  •    Google Suite

  •    Budget creation and actualization

  •    Working with vendors

  •    Communication

  •    Team Building

  •    Location permitting

  •    Compliance (SAG, insurance, CA minor labor laws)

  •    Contract drafting

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I am currently pursuing production coordinator, line producer, and creative producer positions. Interested in collaborating?

Reach out at karen.corbettfamily@gmail.com